Changing Times, Changing Needs

Changing times, changing needs

September 23, 2020 – Local Reports

There’s no question that all of our lives have changed as a result of the pandemic. And while some changes have been more drastic than others, we cannot overstate just how difficult, challenging, and overwhelming this whole experience has been. And yet, even throughout all of this disruption, we need to find a way to change and adapt our lives accordingly.

As a coach, the most common challenge that I hear about from my clients often revolves around schedules and routines. And as expected, the pandemic has either completely changed our schedules and routines, or eliminated them completely.

Structure is important in life, and it’s always necessary to add structure back into our life when it’s missing. This includes setting goals and accomplishing daily and weekly tasks. By following a structure and working toward these mini goals, you will find that you’re more productive in the end, ultimately feeling more satisfied knowing that you have a better sense of direction, control, and of course, accomplishment.

Having structure in your life makes it easier to accomplish your daily tasks too, whether it be at work or at home. Essentially, structure brings efficiency, which is something that everyone craves.

Devising a new schedule and routine seems to be the easy part for most people. It’s adhering to the new regimen that is more difficult.

Accountability is important because it pushes us to actually follow through with these changes. When you need to hold yourself accountable for what you’ve accomplished, or when you’re required to share your progress with someone else, it’s more likely that you’ll actually follow through with those outlined changes because you want to succeed.

Remember, making positive changes in life is very rewarding and liberating. It allows us to regain a welcomed sense of control over our life and keeps us from feeling “stuck.”

Baby steps! Start small and gradually introduce these changes. Overwhelm and anxiety come from thinking that we have to tackle everything at once. Instead, keep things simple, start small, and move on from there.

Our needs are constantly changing because life is constantly changing. But the pandemic has forced unimaginable changes on us NOW. But remember, not all change is bad. In fact, change is good – it’s time to embrace it!

Regardless if it was the pandemic or life in general that pushed you off track, the time to consider new ways of doing things is NOW.

It makes it much easier if you have someone you can report your progress and results to on a periodic basis because you’ll have someone to answer to, someone to support you, and someone to hold you accountable.

Find someone who can help you devise a plan, stay focused, and be accountable. If you want someone who can provide an unbiased point of view to help you jump start this process, maybe a coach is what you need to help you with your changing needs in these changing times.

by Jim Buzhardt   
Life Coach  

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