Meet Jim Buzhardt

If anyone were to ask me about my credibility as a life coach, I am quick to point out that my journey to become a life coach was one that was ‘tempered’ by life itself.

A middle child born to a Doctor father who spent a significant time away from home, I always admired how my mother tenaciously raised us three children. I along with my loving family embraced and welcomed an adopted sister (a gift from God!) and I also experienced the unthinkable tragedy that is to lose a brother to suicide.

With the importance of education instilled in me by my father, I successfully graduated with a degree in Business Administration, going on to become a serial entrepreneur and a patent holder of an invention.

I have also been through a divorce after 21 long years of marriage, then meandering through life that is dating after divorce, in search of love again, at 50 no less, while still enamored by my three beautiful daughters.

Divorce also led me to transform myself personally as well as professionally. I made immensely difficult decisions and embraced change.

Life has given me its fair share of happiness, exuberance, sadness and also despair. But, when obstacles have come by way, I have always resiliently found my footing again, making difficult, gradual but healthy changes.

This learning process to cope with uncertainties of life is what has inspired me to become a life coach. Combining the teachings of life coaching institutions with my own methods and systems I developed while navigating through life, I give people in search of a life coach a chance to open up to someone, someone who understands them.

I help my clients identify their challenges, envision personal goals that they wish to achieve and then work with them to provide a plan and strategy that they can embrace and execute. As a continuous life coach, I also walk along with my clients through change and transformation, tweaking, modifying or completely redoing their life plans and strategy, until they are able to make the metamorphosis that they so achingly seek.

While I help my clients through change, I also firmly hold them accountable, giving them the reality checks that they need to change their life for the better. Anyone can turn their life around, despite even the most arduous challenges, even without a life coach. But, from my own personal experience, it is more challenging and takes longer when you are going at it alone. When I dealt with my share of life’s challenges, I wished I had someone to confide to, someone who could just nudge me in the right direction here and there, someone who could give me perspective that would have enabled me to eliminate inaction and do what it takes to turn life around.

That guiding person is who I want to be to you, helping you get around your challenges and obstacles and closer to where you want to be in life while becoming the best version of you that you can be. I will help facilitate change for you, help you embrace it, help you make those difficult decisions with confidence, with conviction and without uncertainty. I will also help you find balance to offset aspects of your life that currently completely overwhelm you.

I will be your friend on a journey where you find what you are looking for, where you find your purpose and your balance.

I wholeheartedly welcome you to give me an opportunity to help you!

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